Peeing for Two – Four Weeks, Six Days

R and I have now told our close family, and our bridal party. I am peeing about 14 billion times a day already (seriously, yesterday it was 7 times before 10 AM!), I’m bloated to the point my pants struggle to button, and my boobs hurt! However, I have no more spotting, which is a fantastic sign and it has R and I feeling much more hopeful and excited! I am craving all the avocado, which I don’t normally like, buuuuuut that could be a fat kid problem and not a pregnancy problem. Did I mention I’m also moody as hell? Sorry R!

Tomorrow, E comes back to us from his moms, and he goes to see his counsellor. We are thinking of getting her to start preparing him for the idea of having a little brother or sister, though we are probably not going to tell him yet. He’s just too young to understand if something happens.

I think even Karma and the cats know something is up. They will not leave me alone. Especially Zuma. Little one constantly wants to be lying on my stomach.

I made the belly photo the other day, and backdated it for the four week mark. I’m going to try to take these weekly so keep your eyes peeled!


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