Morning Sickness – Five Weeks

Let me tell you, I want this pregnancy. I want this pregnancy more than anything in the world, but when you’re woken up at 3:30 AM because the nausea had hit, it took everything in my power to not wake R up and make him suffer with me. Why should I have to be awake alone? Obviously, I’m not a puker, so I sat there and dry heaved and fought the nausea and hoped I wouldn’t be one of those women who suffer this past their first trimester. Seven more weeks to go…. Oh yay!

I’m also super, super bloated. I had to break out my “fat” pants and I’m fluctuating 8-ish pounds a day! That has me nervous, because I go buy my wedding dress tonight. I’m ordering a size up and a corset to allow room for LD, but it’s still a risk that has me a bundle of nerves! Part of me wants to go with a flowy dress to allow room for the bump and hide it, but the other part of me loved the fit and flare dress so much, I think I’m just going to show it off. I’ve always been a go big or go home kinda person anyways. Haha!


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