The Bloat is Real – Six Weeks, One Day

I’ve been absent this week on the blog. I intended to write in it a lot more, but I will try to do weekly updates at a minimum.

Firstly, I got sick. Man did I ever get sick. I puked and dry heaved for hours at work, and everyone just assured me it was morning sickness. I didn’t want to go home for morning sickness, but I didn’t understand how people work through this. I was dying. Then the chills kicked in, and I realized it wasn’t morning sickness, it was a real sickness. I spent a day and a half after that doing virtually nothing but dry heaving and sleeping. Once I started to get better, and the regular nausea remained, I realized that yes, this is how morning sickness should be – annoying but bearable. It is definitely not incapacitating!

I have also been on the hunt for all the maxi skirts I can get my hands on. The bloat is so real that I bought maternity button extenders for pants, but I’m thinking I’m just going to live in maxi skirts and black leggings for the most part. No one is going to judge the pregnant girl right? Are sweatpants an appropriate every day attire? Maybe I’ll invest in some of those as well. I’m seriously tempted to go buy some maternity pants already! I wish more people knew about the pregnancy so I could see if I could get some used… oh well. Poor R is just going to have to accept a couple more expenses while I try to find clothes that fit and don’t hurt me.

T-27 days until my first prenatal appointment. I’m super nervous to not be able to see how LD is doing until ten weeks! I hear so many horror stories about getting an ultrasound and there is no heartbeat. I keep having nightmares about miscarrying. This is a scary time in a pregnancy, that’s for sure. 41 more days until I am 12 weeks and out of this scary zone, and you can bet your behind that I’m counting them down! Now, let’s see how much wedding planning and crafting I can shove into those days to try and distract me…


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